Beer On Tap?

We have 8 taps available for drinking in or taking home in growlers. We will always have a lager available and our house beer Formosa Pale Ale - but the other taps will be a rotating array of the tastiest brews available. On tap, or kegged beer, put simply, means a really fresh beer that is infused withh gas and served under pressure. Many smaller brewers are putting their beer in keg because they can do shorter production runs of more experimental beers, which is great news for us and our customers. 

A ‘growler’ is the name of the special container that you take the beer away in. Real Ale uses a counter-pressure filling system that means the beer will stay fresh for up to two months if left unopened. The counter-pressure filling of the kegged beer works by flooding the container, called ‘the growler’, with CO 2 and creating a pressurised environment free of oxygen. The beer is then allowed to flow from the keg into the growler, slowly displacing the CO 2 . As the pressure in the growler is kept in balance, the growler fills without foaming. Once capped, the beer remains pressurised and in optimum condition until opened for up to two months.

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Recognised by Industry

Beer Collab launch 29 June! Real Ale’s collaboration brew with Anspach & Hobday to launch ‘The Enigma Code IPA’ on 29 June

4pm-7pm Champagne & Cognac Tasting