Botivo AF Aperitif


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Botivo, Alcohol free Aperitif (Oxymel).

‘Oxymel' is derived from the Latin words ‘oxy’ and ‘mel’, meaning acid and honey. This is a herbaceous aperitif with notes of vinegar, honey, and a whole host of herbs! Each bottle is 20 servings whereas most other alcohol free aperitifs are only 10!

Botivo is created using a method that is centuries old. The botanicals are picked and delivered to their farm, where they combine them in precise amounts and let nature do its work.

While the recipe remains unaltered, each batch will have its own very slightly distinct flavour profile as, like a wine, Botivo are dealing with natural ingredients, fruits, botanicals and honey, whose flavour notes and undercurrents can fluctuate with the weather, quirks of pollination, soil and many other unique variables.