Keg Hire

Having a party, wedding or gathering but sick and tired of the same boring beer? Fear not, we offer free keg dispense hire, allowing you to bring the finest craft beers to your venue or back garden. We can install and potentially deliver the system and give you some training on how to use it. It’s super easy, allowing you to have 2 different beers pouring simultaneously with no need to worry about gas or chilling the kegs. We can source most of the beers we have available in our shops at any given time.


There’s nothing quite like a well balanced cask ale, and we are happy to source casks and/ or 36 pint polypins (Boxes of bright beer) for you.

Glass Hire/ Bulk Discounts 

We offer free glass hire to anyone who is buys their wine or beer from us. All we ask is that the glasses are returned clean. For orders exceeding 300 pounds we can offer a 15% discount, and for really big orders, maybe a bit more too.
Please do get in contact if you are interested in any of the above topics on 02088923710 or


We deliver to most of West London directly in our vans, but for larger orders we are more than happy to go a bit further afield!