Ancre Hill Estate, Pet Nat Red, 9.5%


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Ancre Hill Estate, Monmouthshire (Wales). Pet Nat Red, 9.5%.
Certified Biodynamic & Organic, Vegan Friendly, No Added Sulphur.
Lambrusco Rosso from a Welsh hillside. It’s crunchy, zippy and fun, with sour cherry and blackberry jam notes simply bursting out of the glass. It’s made with the Triomphe grape which is one of the few grapes to have red flesh (as well as skin), so the colour -as you can see- is a truly vivid purple. On the palate it’s sweet and sour with a slightly wild medicinal, herbal vibe. This is a wine to usher in the Spring with and is simply perfect for a plate of Valentines charcuterie.