The Old Man and the Bee 2018


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Little Pomona, Herefordshire. Cider Blend. 8.1%, 750m.

A note form Little Pomona about the deliciously complex and legendary Old Man and the Bee:

"Old Man & The Bee is our annual homage to our beautiful home orchard and the fruit it gives us. 2018 was an exceptional season. Perfect flowering, followed by a long hot summr and warm autumn meant for super-ripe, flavour-packed apples.

Over the last two years we have been thoughtfully compiling the blend – Dabinett (50%), Harry Masters Jersey (37.5%), Foxwhelp (7.5%) and Ellis Bitter (5%) of which only the Foxwhelp had seen the inside of a barrel.

This cider is autumn in a glass. Golden in colour, yellow in its fruit and aromatics, deep with bold ripe tannins. It truly is a cider for the table, pairing magically with the likes of Asian pork rolls or closer to home, some fine, hard, salty cheese. Think also rustic quiche, stuffed peppers and any pasta alla calabrese."