Zingi Bear


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Zingi Bear, Cumbria. Ginger Switchel. Alcohol Free.

This Naturally Alcohol Free ginger switchel is award winning, and it has most certainly captured the hearts and minds of our staff and their partners alike! Here's a quote from a Great Taste Awards Judge if you're not convinced already that this is something you need in your life:

"This delicately coloured switchel is really appealing, in its colour, level of carbonation and mild gingery apple aroma. It’s clean, bright and refreshing. It cleverly brings little bursts of different flavours, all of them working together to make a rounded and fabulous drink, that matches sweetness and acidity beautifully. The ginger is carefully balanced to bring a slight element of heat whilst the apple and honey add crispness and sweetness without mutual obliteration. Really delicious and very moreish...well done!